SALON by milk + honey offers two different types of hair extensions. easiLengths Tape-In Hair Extensions are available at all locations. Great Lengths Hair Extensions are available at 2nd Street District and Hill Country Galleria. Call 512.236.1115 to schedule your free consultation with either style.

easiLengths Tape-In Hair Extensions

easiLengths Tape-In Hair Extensions is a revolutionary new way of doing hair extensions with 100% remy human hair constructed using wafer thin polyurethane wefted panels, which are applied using a medical grade adhesive that is safe and secure. Your hair is folded inside a panel and tape secures it in place. This system is fast and does not damage your natural hair. With easiLengths you can add volume and length, plus you don’t have to wait to grow out of an old look or fix a bad cut. Schedule your consultation today, get your new look tomorrow.

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Top 5 Reasons Women Get Hair Extensions:

1) Add instant length, volume or thickness to their hair. You always wanted long hair or thicker hair and for whatever reason have never been able to grow your own hair out.

2) Cover up a really bad haircut. So, you got a really short shag hair style and you absolutely hate it? Solution: Hair Extensions.

3) Add bold or subtle highlights to your hair without chemical processing.

4) Get a new look for a special occasion (wedding, prom, formal event).

5) Just for fun! Some people like to experiment with their hair styles. Hair extensions offer an instant new look.

How long does it take to apply?

Application time varies from 45 to 90 minutes.

What type of hair?

100% remy human hair. Remy human hair is the highest quality available, staying shiny and “tangle free” longer than any other.

How long does it last?

This system will last 6 up to 8 weeks and can be reapplied at least 1 time (hair re-usage depends on how well you take care of the hair).


Consultation required. Pricing ranges from $400 to $1100, depending on the type of transformation.

Available transformations

Volume – add up to 40% more volume
Length – with hair panels in up to 20 inch length, the opportunity for very long hair is great
Trend – add length in specific areas, create asymmetrical looks
Corrective – fix a bad haircut without cutting more hair

Great Lengths Hair Extensions


SALON by milk + honey offers Great Lengths hair extensions for every look and style you desire. If you aren’t sure if SALON by milk + honey is for you or need more details about Great Lengths hair extensions services, please give us a call at 512.236.1115.

SALON by milk + honey recommends scheduling an initial 45-minute consultation to begin your new look and get your personal price quote. After the consultation, a deposit is required to book your next appointment.

Great Lengths hair extensions are real human hair and perfectly matched to your hair density to give a flawless match. The Great Lengths procedure involves at least two appointments to make hair color and style, plus the final service can take anywhere from 3 to 8 hours. With Great Lengths hair extensions the quality of your own hair will never be compromised or damaged.

Please download and print the following forms, and read the below FAQ to understand Great Lengths hair extensions in great detail.

SALON by milk + honey Hair Extension Home Care + Consent
SALON by milk + honey Hair Extension Questionnaire
FrontAfterSALON by milk + honey Hair Extension Deposit Agreement

Who are they for? What are Great Length hair extensions?
Great Lengths hair extensions are 100% human hair that uses pre-bonded synthetic keratin polymers to attach to the clients individual strands of hair. GL hair extensions are unique because they are matched to the clients own density of hair to create the most natural look possible from hair extension technology today.

Great Lengths hair extensions are for anyone (regardless of hair type or texture) who wants added length and/or volume. Great Lengths is also great for creating or repairing a haircut, for chemical free highlights and/or lowlights, as well as to cover scars or hair loss caused by Alopecia or other types of hair loss.

Where does the hair come from?
The hair used by Great Lengths is collected from temples all across India where millions of women have religiously gone for more than two thousand years to donate their hair. The proceeds gained by the temples from the sale of the hair are then used to fund schools, orphanages and for other charitable purposes throughout the community.


What is the process like to have them put on? How long does it take?
Before any Great Lengths service, the clients’ own hair must be colored to the desired shade. During the initial Great Lengths consultation, the clients’ hair is then matched for proper color and texture (curly or straight). The client will then return another day to have the Great Lengths service performed. Depending on the density of the hair and the clients’ desired look, the Great Lengths service can take anywhere from 3 to 8 hours to apply.

How do Great Lengths hair extensions feel compared to my own hair?
The structure of the 100% Indian hair is healthy, soft and natural. It is similar to the majority of natural hair textures. The Great Lengths hair never undergoes chemicals or heat so the hair is shiny and manageable. If your hair is relaxed, the Great Lengths hair will be closest to your hair after the chemical straightening service. If your hair is curly, Great Length hair is ordered curly and is matched to your specific curl pattern.


How often do I need to have them reapplied?
To maintain your desired look and depending on your own hair’s texture and density, Great Lengths extensions are recommended for reapplication every 3 to 5 months. The way you care for them can extend the life of your Great Lengths service and will be thoroughly explained in your initial consultation.

How do I remove the Great Lengths hair extensions?
It is recommended that you come back for a professional removal of Great Lengths hair extensions. It can take 2 to 3 hours or more depending on how you took care of the extensions and the amount initially placed in the hair. The process utilizes Great Lengths’ bond-ex gel remover and the bonds are removed one by one by the stylist. Your own hair is not damaged by the Great Lengths hair extensions or our professional removal.

DreamCatchers Hair Extensions

From Nightmares to DreamCatchers – we show you the facts. You decide the rest.

Micro-cylinder™ technology: clean, easy and non-damaging. The DreamCatchers system is incredibly simple and efficient. Your time in the chair is only 2 to 3 hours for a full head application, and the return adjustment visits are approximately one hour. Your own hair and extensions will look and feel amazing, healthy and gorgeous.

The secret to gorgeous hair is in the quality, and DreamCatchers only uses 100% selected human hair. We create a natural look as if it was all your own hair. The hair extension quality is often better than your own hair. DreamCatchers extensions have a luster and shine that never diminishes. You will be knocked out!

Hotheads Hair Extensions

hotheads_full copy

Hotheads Hair Extensions is revolutionizing the industry with its innovate technique that requires no need for tools and heat. These extensions use only 100% remy human hair and are uniquely designed to blend in seamlessly with your hair.

What is the application process? How long does it take?
Using just a clip and comb, these extensions are easy to apply and will give you fuller and longer hair in an hour or less.

How long does it last?
This system will last for eight to ten weeks and can be reapplied up to three times.

More than just hair extensions.
Hotheads Hair Extensions is dedicated to giving back and works with several organizations all over the world. Their charitable contributions include donating toys to children battling cancer as well as their hair extensions to women undergoing cancer treatment. Recently, they’ve partnered with a nonprofit that helps children in India gain access to education.


  • Full Head $1000
  • Touch-up $500-600
  • Removal $150
  • Volume $250
  • Volume touch-up $125

Consultation (required) complimentary

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