A few things to note about your milk + honey reservation:

  • Pricing varies by stylist, final look desired, and the length + density of your hair.
  • Late arrival (15 minutes+ after your scheduled start time) may affect or shorten your service.
  • If you are new to SALON by milk + honey, a complimentary consultation may be scheduled alongside the haircut reservation to discuss hair goals with the stylist.
  • It may take more than one visit to achieve the desired look. To develop a customized plan with your stylist, including a price quote, please schedule a standalone consultation.
  • We shampoo and condition your hair before blow-dry styling for a smooth, sleek look. This service does not include the use of hot tools (including curling iron or flat iron), but hot tools may be added for an additional cost to achieve your desired look.

If you need additional details, contact us at 512.236.1115 (Austin), 713.231.0250 (Houston), or 682.235.2325 (Fort Worth).

Barber-style Cut

A traditional clipper or scissor-over-comb haircut for clients with short hair that falls above the ears.
$60 - 90+

Scissor Cut

A short, medium, or long haircut using freehand scissor technique.
$80 - 110+

Curly/Texture Cut

A haircut using freehand scissor technique for curly/textured hair that requires extra refining and care. For an optimal service experience, please arrive at your appointment with your hair down + detangled with minimal product.
$90 - 160+


Non-client- $20
Haircut Client - We offer one complimentary bang trim between haircut services.


Customized Masque Treatment - $35
Customized Scalp Treatment - $45
Customized Scalp + Masque Treatment - $80
Virtue Colorkick Masque Treatment - $55
Virtue Scalp Treatment + Colorkick Masque Treatment - $75

Save time with your first appointment by filling out our Client Intake Form before you arrive. Click here to download.

Appointment Arrival Time

If you arrive 15 minutes or later after your service time is scheduled to start, your stylist may not be able to accommodate the full service, depending on your appointment and hair type.


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